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Hyflex, Hybrid, Hy-what?  High-Stress Teaching When You Cannot See the Students


The pandemic has forced us to explore new modes of teaching and some of what we explored might be useful to continue, as terrifying as that might seem to us now.  There are many reasons for some terror; we cannot even agree on the terminology and lack robust pedagogic data about what to implement and whether it works. The goal of this workshop is to share a little of what experience we have gathered over the past two years.  We will focus on the technology that enables flexible teaching formats, remaining firmly grounded in the goals of university education.  A larger goal is to create a community of instructors interested in these approaches; to share their lessons learned and their questions.

Event Information

Presenter(s): Rob MacLeod and Mindie Clark

Audience: faculty, researchers, postdocs, graduate students, and staff

Last Updated: 8/22/22