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Graduate Certificate in Teaching in Higher Education

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*must have a gmail account and University of Utah graduate unofficial transcrpt

(For postdocs or other non-matriculating students, please click HERE for information on how to enroll in courses as a non-matriculating student.)

Course-Level Learning Objectives (Four 3-credit courses plus approved 3-credit elective)

CTLE 6000: Teaching in Higher Education (3)

  • Apply a “student-centered” approach to the way you teach.
  • Incorporate active learning techniques, even when you lecture.
  • Promote an inclusive, supportive, and respective climate, which supports learning.
  • Design an effective course based on the backwards course design approach.
  • Create effective teaching tools, including syllabi, lesson plans, and assignments.
  • Facilitate student learning based on research from cognitive psychology about how the brain learns and remembers. 

CTLE 6510: Cyber-Pedagogy (3)

  • Utilize teaching tools and technologies you experimented with in this course.
  • Create a climate and sense of community conducive to learning.
  • Design an accessible course that benefits all students.
  • Assess student learning in the online environment.
  • Create effective and engaging online lessons, activities, and course materials.
  • Effectively utilize video in more ways than you had previously considered.
  • Utilize tips for surviving the design and teaching of your online course. 

CTLE 6200: Equitable Teaching in Higher Education (3)

(Prerequisties: CTLE 6000)

  • Describe and differentiate basic concepts of inclusion, equity, diversity, and anti-racism (IDEA) for teaching 
  • Communicate strategies to create an Inclusive, Diverse, Equitable, and Anti-Racist (IDEA)classroom
  • Identify historical contexts resulting in inequities in higher education
  • Demonstrate effective strategies to engage with difficult conversations around inequity. 
  • Research, compare and contrast educational practices and resources to support underrepresented students in their academic and social growth.   
  • Create a field-specific plan for ongoing work in anti-racist pedagogy at predominately white institutions 

CTLE 6800: Practicum in Teaching (3)

(Prerequisties: CTLE 6000 and CTLE 6510)

  • Apply the teaching evaluation process to your own teaching, including evaluations from CTE, a faculty mentor, and a self-evaluation. 
  • Create a teaching and academic portfolio tailored for a specific institution of higher learning 
  • Consult with a faculty mentor or the Career and Professional Development Center about applying, interviewing, and negotiating for a faculty position.
  • Explore the historical backgrounds and philosophical bases of institutions of higher education. Determine the roles and responsibilities of faculty in institutions of higher education.
  • Explore the dimensions of faculty appointment, evaluation, retention, and tenure in institutions of higher education and the implications for applying for a faculty position. 

Approved Elective (3) – to be approved by CTE certificate advisor; content should relate to teaching in higher education and/or teaching within the student’s specific discipline

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