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Mid-semester Student Feedback

Mid-semester Student Feedback is an optional and confidential service offered by the Martha Bradley Evans Center for Teaching Excellence. Instructors must "opt in" to recieve mid-semester feedback and only the instructor will receive the results.

All instructors receive an email each semester with instructions to opt-in.

The following free-response questions are used to collect feedback from your students:

  • What do you like about the course?
  • What aspects of the course would you like to see changed? How?
  • What does the instructor do to help you learn?
  • What could the instructor do to improve or increase learning opportunities in this class?

Fall 2023 mid-semester student feedback will be availalbe starting August 28, 2023. Please check back for information about Fall 2023 mid-semester student feedback.

To receive mid-semester student feedback, follow these steps:

Step One

  Click here to access your list of Summer 2024 courses

You will need to login with your uNID and CIS password. If you have trouble logging in, please try a different browser or contact us at

Step Two

Find the course tile or use the search bar to find the course and click "Create."

View and manage your course

Step Three

Choose a Start Date and End Date for your mid-semester feedback survey.

Click "Launch."

Opt in

Step Four

Repeat Steps Two and Three for other classes, if needed.


That's it! You can close your browser window. Your students will receive an email on the survey start date. You can return to the link in Step One to check the response rate. You will receive an email the day after the survey end date with instructions to access the results.

Last Updated: 6/20/24